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“Where Are All the Black People?”

Unfortunately, this question is asked in most of the spaces we end up in. This holds true in the advertising industry as well. The One Club for Creativity sought to find answers 10 years ago by holding a diversity conference for advertising professionals of all levels. After seven years of their declarative name change to "Here Are All the Black People," the conference is bringing the "W" back, because now more than ever the question still remains.

The Ask

Promote the conference’s modified name and logo and encourage attendance.

The potential

To bring more awareness to the conference, more knowledge of this issue in the advertising industry has to be created as well.

The solution

Create a campaign with clear messaging, useful resources, and tangible impact.


For the safety of all participants during the COVID-19 pandemic, WAATBP 2020 was 100% online and 100% free. By moving to a virtual, free conference, The One Club for Creativity was able to include attendees from all over the country and world.

WAATBP brings together hundreds of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. WAATBP is more than a job fair; it's a forum for the creative industry to have transparent discussions on racial inequity. In today’s social and political climate, it’s vital that everyone take part in these conversations, from entry-level to C-suite.

We delivered a strategy and campaign that would live past the conference and become a resource.

At the heart of it, the campaign asks the advertising industry to be transparent, to “show us what you’re made of” when it comes to diversity in it's organizations. View the highlights of these five experiences below.

1 / Setting The Tone With A Clear Message

For our messaging to stick, we knew we had to make it easily digestible. We had to translate the data we had on this issue into a way everyone could understand.


We created a manifesto that sets the tone of the new campaign and highlights how important the makeup of an agency is.

social Posts

Each post will include a quick snapshot shot of each agency’s nutrition facts. These will include company size and percentages of white and black employees at the C-suite and executive level.

additional social Posts

2 / Creating An Open Resource And Inviting Change

We created a microsite so everyone can access the Nutrition Facts of ad agencies. It will include a high-level grade and more detailed data all powered by Glassdoor. Most importantly, there will be a pledge so agencies have a chance to change what they are made of.

Microsite | homepage & detailed view

Microsite | the pledge

3 / Showing What The Conference Is Made Of

To promote the conference, we provided assets that engaged emerging talent and industry professionals with powerful messages, eye-opening industry statistics, and motion.

Conference social posts

Additional Conference Social Posts

logo animations

4 / Providing An Asset To Use At The Conference

Attendees will be provided with a digital booklet that is part resource, part art piece. The book will contain questions BIPOC should ask agencies and questions agencies should be asking themselves. Each page will be uniquely designed by a Black creative.

5 / Enabling Participants To Show What They Are Made Of

With branded filters and interactive AR, participants of the conference can show their network the true queens and kings that they are.

social filters

AR Filter

If viewing on a computer, scan this QR code below to experience the AR Instagram filter.

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Launching The Project With The One Club for Creativity

Only a couple weeks after the pitch, the conference organizers were able to successfully launch their name change and new branding using most of our creations. The virtual conference was held a few weeks after that. All the hard work was worth the shoutout from WAATBP founder and advertising legend, Jimmy Smith, during the opening session.

My Teamates

Angel Song (CBM)
Alexandra Daniel (ST)
David Ligon (AD)

Dinma Onyekwere (CBM)
Malcolm Richardson (CW)
Marshal Turner (XD)

Nana Dadzie (ST)
Sheila Villalobos (ST)
Will Curtis (CW)

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