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Despite local, state, and national parks being accessible to everyone, we continuously see fewer minorities in these spaces.

While the number of BIPOC in outdoor spaces is growing, some are still reluctant to explore parks and outdoor activities due to unfamiliarity, lack of safety, and of course, racism.

The Ask

Foster an outdoor community that is safe for everyone.

The potential

Build off of the established outdoor brand, Patagonia, that has been working to rectify the lack of diversity in their own messaging and social presence.

The solution

Normalize seeing BIPOC in spaces they’ve always belonged— the outdoors.


This lack of equity is an issue that exists in many spheres. And we’re all aware of the reckoning brands are having with themselves recently.

We wanted to know specifically how outdoor brands are responding. We took a look at Patagonia’s social. They, like many companies, released a statement about the BLM movement. Loyal customers wanted more specific explanation and action from their words. Our solution needed to show that Patagonia can go beyond lip service.

Green Book by Patagonia is an app that helps BIPOC safely explore local and national parks while also promoting consistent engagement with these spaces. The app will also be the launching pad for the creation of both the Patagonia x Amtrak promotion and the Patagonia Field Trip Program. View the highlights of these seven experiences below.

1 / Creating Awareness And Breaking Perception with Out-of-Home

Out of Home ads will begin to expand the perception of who participates in outdoor recreation and prompt consumers to download the app. The name Green Book is after the travel guide compiled by Victor Hugo Green and published during the segregation era in the United States that listed businesses that were necessary to make travel comfortable and safe for African Americans.


2 / Stoking Outdoor Participation With An App

The app includes features that address the pain point that POC visitors do not feel welcome or secure.


  • Show most popular interests in their area and ability to show more interests by clicking the link above the button.
  • All curated imagery should feature BIPOC Patagonia ambassadors or Green Book members.


  • Meet ups hosted by community groups are prominent.
  • All group examples come from existing outdoor organizations but imagined with a local chapter.
  • Park cards will give a snapshot so users can easily determine if a park is welcoming, easy to get to, etc.
  • Explore Interests section as resource hub to gain more information, tips and advice on the interest.

Plan A visit

  • Provides all important information (address, hours, fees to note, link to website and types of recreation).
  • Statement honoring the indigenous land the park is on.
  • Reviews with reported incidents marked in orange.
  • Map shows location of the park and notes the nearest Black city.
  • Easily add an event to calendar with the location and important notes.

Write a Review

  • Users can give up to 5 stars, write a message, report an incident, or add media educating others in the community of their experience.
  • Review will immediately populate in the review section on the park page after it is submitted.

3 / Gamifying The App Experience With Merch Incentives

To encourage more trips to parks, users will be incentivized with free Patagonia swag like specialty Green Book patches.

4 / Taking The Scenic Route For A Family Outdoor Adventure with Amtrak

This special promotion with Patagonia and Amtrak allows Green Book users to enjoy the utimate outdoor experience of visiting a national park with the whole family.

5 / A Podcast That Connects Through Storytelling

You Smell Like Outside, is a children’s serial podcast from NPR and Patagonia Green Book. The podcast features funny, touching, and adventurous stories about exploring the outdoors, read by different narrators every week.

6 / Engaging The Next Generation Of Outdoor Advocates With Patagonia Field Trip

Field Trip is an application based program that provides low income schools with a free trip to a pubic park. 


Flyer for Teachers

7 / Field Trip Merch For Outdoor Exploration

As momentos of the special day, students participating in Patagonia Field Trip will get branded gear essential for outdoor exploration.

Pin, Backpack, Lanyard

First Aid Kit

Outcomes & Reflections

Building For Our Outdoor Community

In the process of creating this project, I was able to discover great outdoor recreation groups like Diversify Outdoors and Melanin Basecamp geared towards people that looked like me. It was refreshing to see visuals that broke the convention and perception of outdoor participation. As a team of all women of color, we wanted to highlight these groups and create a solution that we would personally use and be excited about.

My Teamates

Brittany Reid (AD)

Monica Roebuck (CW)