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Cinema 4D

Launching a new spirit brand in 2020 can be challenging when the inspiration is from the 1920s.

Sephina, a new VSOP cognac-hybrid spirit, is inspired by the legendary Josephine Baker. We bridged the gap from then and now by tapping into desires that transcend time.

The Ask

Create a brand strategy and launch plan for Sephina.

The potential

Sephina is based on two generally unknown pillars: Josephine Baker and cognac. There is power in the unknown, because the unknown is intriguing.

The solution

Ignite the diamond mindset, the mindset that encourages one to embrace complexity.


Who is Josephine Baker? The answer will vary depending on who you ask, what website you reference, what documentary you watch. Josephine Baker wasn’t just one thing. She was an entertainer, a civil rights activist, a spy, a mother. She was constantly reinventing herself. In the words of one of her children, Jean-Claude Baker, she was:

“A diamond with a thousand faces.”

The team delivered strategy and a campaign for the launch, that included collectible barware and brand extensions, encouraging all to Find Their Sephina, because those who drink Sephina are diamonds with a thousand faces. View the highlights of these seven experiences below.

1 / A New Bottle With A Thousand Faces

The new bottle is more angular to reflect the complexity and many sides of Josephine Baker. We also added art deco etchings to the front of the bottle and a multi-faceted topper.  The label is a diamond shape, bringing us back to the very identity of Josephine Baker, a diamond with a thousand faces. By sharing a bit of her story on the back of the Sephina bottle, we can encourage and maintain intrigue.

2 / Igniting the Diamond Mindset With Out-of-Home

For OOH, Sephina’s intrigue and complexity are shown in a modern and minimalistic way using light, shadow and color. The language we are using is speaking to our personas inner complexity. All giving the consumer just enough to create an interest in wanting to learn more.

3 / Establishing Name Recognition In The Bar

To increase awareness and pique interest surrounding Sephina, branded moments were created throughout the consumer's journey at a bar — from the entrance and ordering to receiving their drink.

Window cling

Bar mats

Bar Coasters

4 / Creating A Drinking Experience With Unique Glassware

A variety of styles in glassware provides consumers a way to flex to the many unique sides of themselves.The shape of each glass nods to art deco style with outside silhouette remaining angular and the inside is left as a tulip shape. The tulip shape enhances the enjoyment of the spirit through a perfectly proportioned bowl that brings out the fruit, body, and fire of the cognac.

Stem Glasses

stemless glasses

Gift Packaging

4 / Bringing Home The Intrigue Through Collectibles

Sephina-green agate coasters and collectible art posters turn consumers into advocates by extending the journey beyond the bar to their home.

agate coasters

Art posters

5 / Sharing The Diamond Mindset With A Bar Cart Kit

Bar Cart Kits, including a home bar mat and a curated recipe book, provide another way to implement Sephina into the lifestyle of consumers and allowing them to make Sephina their own and pass this passion to others.

Home Bar mat

Recipe book

6 / Partnerships That Flex Your Thousand Faces

Sephina would be a natural fit for a partnership with OPI Nail Polish, as both allow one to express their many sides. Each nail color stems from Sephina’s brand colors with each name inspired by Josephine Baker songs.

Outcomes & Reflections

A Winning Pitch

We had the opportunity to present to the founders of Sephina, going head-to-head with another team. Our pitch impressed the clients so much that we were crowned the winners. I will never forget that moment and the teamwork that got us there.

My Teamates

Angel Song (CBM)
Allison Schneider (ST)

Camden Dechert (AD)
Jade Giddens (AD)

Malcolm Richardson (CW)
Nana Dadzie (ST)

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