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Fly fishing is not just for one type of person, but open for everyone to enjoy.

The benefits of fly fishing range from strengthening mental health to fostering environmental conservation. It is often an overlooked outdoor activity mainly because of its perception. By creating new brand experiences, Orvis has the opportunity to make all those new to the sport feel welcome and prepared.

The Ask

Leverage the leading fly fishing brand, Orvis, to make the sport of fly fishing more accessible and inclusive.

The potential

Include more of the diverse fly fishing community by making them feel more welcomed and prepared.

The solution

Create a new, holistic experience that reduces the high learning curve and financial cost while also building authentic relationships.

Person holding a trout.


Orvis was founded on fly fishing. It’s the soul of the brand. Orvis is driven to inspire experiences on the water. From free classes to online resources, Orvis has the knowledge and expertise to welcome people to the sport.

After being first to sign the Angling for All pledge created by Brown Folks Fishing, a community-based organization that is for and by BIPOC anglers, Orvis has the responsibility to bring focus to including the BIPOC community in tangible ways.

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Orvis Open Waters is an entirely new connected experience designed to make fly fishing more inviting, accessible, and inclusive for all, but with a focus on BIPOC. This holistic initiative includes new branding, an affordable product line, a mobile app, an AR implementation, and a mentorship program. View the highlights of these six experiences below.

1 / Branding Resources Consistently

The fresh, approachable branding will be consistent throughout all fly fishing marketing, especially when communicating resources like the free fly fishing classes. All imagery is an opportunity to represent the existing BIPOC fly fishing community.

Fly Fishing 101 Social Post

fly Fishing 201 flyer

2 / Providing Affordable Gear Through Sustainable Methods

RECAST is a vetted, repaired, and re-packaged secondhand gear product line. It will be offered at a further discounted price to beginners that participate in Fly Fishing 101 and 201 classes.

3 / One Platform For Education, Connection, and Growth

The Open Waters mobile app blends education, utility, and resources designed specifically for new entrants into fly fishing. Anglers will have everything they need to start all in one place, circumventing Google search holes, outdated information, and uncomfortable conversations.


  • All messaging has inclusive tone.
  • Short survey that will tailor organization of homepage.
  • Approachable animations and illustrations throughout.


  • Daily content connected to IGTV.
  • Recommended fishing waters based on location.
  • Introduction to community groups.
  • Suggested lessons hosted by community groups.

Go Fish Feature

  • Automatically starts current location.
  • Weather forecast at location, showing important info such as flow, water temperature, and bite times.
  • Analysis above is powered by FishBrain.
  • Recommended fly for that area with an option to buy at nearest Orvis.
  • Regulation info, conservation practices, a knot guide and casting guide.

Tracking Trail

  • Ability to track of fishing trips and routes in real time.  
  • Making it public with an option to share with safety circle.
  • Knot guide to see necessary knots with step-by-step animations, written instructions, and a live video.

Fishing Spot Reviews

  • Review entails multi-ratings and feature checklist of the area.
  • Log A Catch has a number of categories so users can learn terminology and what to look for.
  • Fishing spot page provides detailed info such as past ratings, species, top flies, and a leaderboard.
  • Other logged catches are shown at the bottom with ways to connect with others who shared their Instagram.

4 / Immersive, Experiential Learning Through AR

The app's AR Casting Tool shows anglers to the optimal spot on the river to cast building their proficiency in reading the water so they can eventually do it unassisted.

5 / Growing A Community With Mentorship

The app will recognize the user’s increased experience over time and will asks them to join the Open Waters NETWORK. Mentors are incentivized through recognition and, of course, free merchandise. By being a mentor, they opt to take small groups out on the water and foster their growth.

In-app communication

Sticker incentive


Making it Real with Orvis and Brown Folks Fishing Lab

I had the opportunity to present to the leadership at Orvis, including the CXO, Senior Director Omni Marketing, UX Design Director and the VP of Fish. I received positive feedback on the overall concept, solution, and presentation. They thought it could potentially be something that Orvis produces in the future, and are currently discussing the next steps.

As part of this project, I applied and was accepted into the
Brown Folks Fishing Lab, a fellowship program for BIPOC anglers who wish to advance their knowledge and skill in fishing, environmental justice, storytelling, and community organizing. The Lab provides anglers with one-on-one support, workshops, resources, and networking opportunities.

In the future, I'd love to think of additional touchpoints, like a grade school program and retail redesign, that can be added to provide an even more enriched experience. I would love to dig deeper on secondhand gear line and app to get a better sense of the business case.

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Hooking Positive Feedback

After completing this case study, I shared my work to the subject matter experts that I'd initially interviewed during the research and ideation phase.


Utilizing Design Justice in My Process

Open Waters was inspired by my unlikely passion for fly fishing. When I first started fly fishing, I had a hard time finding someone that looked like me in marketing campaigns, retail stores, films and tutorials. After discovering organizations like Brown Folks Fishing, I found that others had similar experiences and views on the landscape of fly fishing.

I was guided by principles created by the Design Justice Network. By following these principles, I was able create a solution that was meaningful and authentic to the community that is often overlooked.  

This project brought me a lot of joy, because, not only did it combine my two greatest passions, but it also enabled me to practice a variety of disciplines from digital platforms to branding. I thoroughly loved using design to solve a unique problem and empower a community I am now ingrained in.

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