Disney+ Chatbot

Bringing characters to the real world, while also providing utility with conversational design.

To leverage hype from its launch, Disney+ can pull from a large range of characters and activate different audiences through way of a chatbot. Additionally, there is an opportunity to add some Disney Magic to the the streaming service’s experience. By creating a chatbot, Disney+ users can get their desired content faster, address common customer service issues in fun way, and retain nostalgia.

in-app experience

  • Chatbot lives within Disney+ App.
  • Character of chatbot corresponds to character user chose for profile avatar.
  • Character’s persona is in line with character’s persona in film.
  • Ability to switch chatbot persona to other characters from family’s profile.
  • Main Features: Customer Service, Quote Game and Movie Recommendations.

Customer service

  • Assistance with changing password, billing questions, reporting glitches.

Quote Game

  • Fun way to engage Disney+ users and search for movies.

Movie recommendation

  • Decrease search time for selecting something to watch through quiz based on current preference and mood.

Talk to representative

  • Ability to talk to live representative to ensure all consumer needs can be met.


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