Triple truck

A new service model for local craft breweries that establishes set routes for beer delivery.

Currently, beer delivery routes are shaped by the orders. What if the orders were shaped by the routes? The local, beloved craft brewery, Triple Crossing, has the opportunity to unlock the potential of beer delivery by bringing the spirit of their taprooms to the neighborhoods of Richmond with Triple Truck.

Order Confirmation

After an order is placed, all future interactions on the order will be through text messages. You'll get a notice when the beer truck is at your stop.

Sign UP for Text Updates

Following pick up you will get a confirmation text prompting you to enroll in text updates from the Triple Truck.

easy reorder

Signing up for text updates allows Triple Crossing to create a shortcut in the purchasing process. The next time the Triple Truck is in your area, you'll get an alert if some of the items from your previous order are available. You can then order and confirm delivery right through text.

The Opportunities

New service Model

My Teamates

Joe Mrava (XD)

Hunter Mott (ST)

Curtis Winiesdorffer (XD)

Next side project

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