I planned and executed ten virtual events over seven months covering relevant topics like allyship in the industry and women entrepreneurship.

BC Collective is a student group that blends the Brandcenter’s culture and community so that every student feels valued, seen, and prepared for their next step. As the event coordinators, Charleen Martins Lopes and I planned events around topics that we felt were missing at Brandcenter.

featured events

POC Alumni Panel

It’s really hard coming to BC and then on top of that figuring out where you belong in the industry. Having a panel that shows first years that there people like them are striving is will be important.

How Did I Get Here?! Roundtable

Ever ask yourself ‘how did I get here’? You’re not alone. Join our roundtable where we talk amongst ourselves about topics like our path to BC, imposter syndrome, and our experience at BC.


We want to celebrate our queer community and spark discussions that go beyond our classes. The industry has an ever present need to create new narratives that are more inclusive and reflective of the community they are speaking to. We hope to all learn by listening to the panelists' experiences.

Allyship 101

Having hard conversations in order to sustain racial progress is key in seeing any change towards an anti-racist world. Today we will be unpacking allyship inside and outside of the advertising world with experts from the industry and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.

Women Entrepreneurs Panel

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. It’s ungodly hours, uncomfortable conversations and tons of sacrifices. Despite all of this, women make it look easy and we look up to these women as “goals”. We’re going to dive into the passions that spurred their success. See why choosing you and the things you love, is worth it.

A Different Kind of Club

Highlighting the current toxic culture of the industry’s “it’s a boy’s club” traditions are the first steps to dismantling it. We will explore how industry professionals have navigated and challenged the “boys club” by championing their work, tearing down barriers, accessing mentorship and establishing ownership.

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