Black Black Friday

On Black Friday 2020, we made it easier for buyers in the Seattle area to show their support for Black-owned businesses.

With the initiative, Black Black Friday, shoppers can find local Black-owned businesses and encourage others to do so as well through a shareable sticker campaign. Working with the agency, DNA Seattle, we delivered strategy, concept, branding, a social campaign, and microsite design. We also provided a comms plan to help with the launch and rollout.


The process

Instagram posts

Microsite | Homepage

Microsite | Shop

Instagram Story Filters

branded mask

bumper stickers

Brand styleguide

My Teamates

Angel Song (CBM)
Alexandra Daniel (ST)
Allison Schneider (ST)
Brittany Reid (AD)

David Ligon (AD)
Dinma Onyekwere (CBM)
Malcolm Richardson (CW)
Marshal Turner (XD)

Nana Dadzie (ST)
Sheila Villalobos (ST)
Will Curtis (CW)

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